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Product Features

  • Marine and freshwater aquarium feeding accessory that floats on the water’s surface and keeps food from scattering
  • For use with flake and other floating fish food
  • Stops food from going into the filter
  • Reduces time spent on aquarium maintenance
  • For use with all surface-feeding fish
Ocean Nutrition’s Feeding Frenzy Feeding Accessories make feeding your fish easier, more efficient, and fun.

The Ocean Nutrition Feeding Frenzy Feeding Station is a unique accessory that makes the feeding of flake and other floating foods a more efficient process for you and a more enjoyable one for your fish. The feeding station floats on the surface of your aquarium’s water, and it holds in place with a suction cup. It provides a stationary zone where your fish can repeatedly return to feed. It also confines floating food within a limited area, preventing it from scattering across the water’s surface or entering the filter. The Feeding Station is ideal for feeding Formula Flake Foods from Ocean Nutrition.

Ocean Nutrition™ Frozen Formula Foods™, Frozen Single Items, Formula Flake Foods™ or Formula Pellet Foods.

  1. Remove the Feeding Station from the package and ensure that the plastic insert is completely seated into the foam framework. Place the feeding station onto the surface of the aquarium water in an area suitable for fish feeding. (You can place the station in a corner or on any single flat inside surface.)
  2. Place flake food or any floating food within the enclosed feeding area of the feeding station. Step away from the aquarium and observe the fish while they feed at their leisure. After repeated use, the feeding station will become familiar to your fish as the area where they will find food.
  3. The feeding station should remain in place and even move up and down with changes in the water’s surface level. The included suction cup can hold it in place. If it should become detached, simply reattach it in an area with less water movement.
  4. The feeding station can even be used with frozen foods. We strongly recommend Frozen Formula Foods from Ocean Nutrition.

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