Ocean Nutrition


 Originally founded in 1982 in San Diego, USA.

 Manufacturer of premium fish feeds for marine and fresh water tropical fish.

 Pioneer in commercial production of formulated aquarium foods and other products.

At Ocean Nutrition™, we have developed a passion for aquatic pets. We produce foods that are easy to use for the hobbyist and that are likewise ideal for both the health and beauty of fish and invertebrates. We understand that our foods become viable solutions only when both of these requirements are fulfilled.

We measure our success by making products that increase hobbyists’ success. Our quality foods make aquarium keeping more practical and easier to manage, but, most importantly, they make the hobby a lot more fun!

Ocean Nutrition™ has also introduced a variety of specialized foods to provide targeted solutions for more difficult species. Rather than promoting the “one size fits all” approach which can make things easier for the producer, we pride ourselves on making specialized foods designed to best meet fishes’ nutritional requirements. Consequently, we fulfill our mission of Preserving Life and Beauty Through Nutrition™.