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Product Features

  • System for the separation of the baby brine shrimp, shell material, and unhatched eggs without decapsulation
  • Sep-Art Cysts: brine shrimp eggs coated with a non-toxic magnetic material
  • Sep-Art Separator: Facilitates the separation of baby brine shrimp, shells, and unhatched eggs by means of magnetsg
  • Easy to use, no need for decapsulation

The Sep-Art Technology allows for the fast and complete separation of the baby brine shrimp (Nauplii), shell material, and unhatched brine shrimp egg (cysts) without decapsulation (removal of the cyst shell).

Sep-Art Artemia Cysts (brine shrimp eggs) are coated with a non-toxic magnetic material. The cysts look normal, have a 90% hatch rate, and hatch using standard hatching procedures.

The Sep-Art Separator facilitates the harvesting of baby brine shrimp hatched from Sep-Art Artemia Cysts. The acrylic Separator has a magnet built into the bottom that allows for quick and complete separation of baby brine shrimp, shell material, and unhatched eggs. The result is pure, clean, and active baby brine shrimp, without shell material of any kind.

fish fry/larvae, small fish, reef aquariums, corals, jelly fish, seahorses, and more.
After hatching the Sep-Art Artemia Cysts, drain or siphon the nauplii and unhatched cysts into the Sep-Art Separator. The Separator contains a strong built-in magnet: unhatched cysts and shell pieces are trapped by the magnet on the bottom of the Separator. The non-magnetic free swimming nauplii are ready to use. Pour through a net, rinse in freshwater, and feed your fish or reef. Thanks to the gentle separation process, the nauplii are extremely viable.
Brine Shrimp Eggs
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