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Product Features

  • Environmental conditioner with wild almond leaf extract that promotes the wellness of bettas
  • Makes bubble nests stickier, promotes spawning activity and coloration
  • Recommended for use during transportation
  • Lowers pH and helps promote health and vitality
  • Adds calcium and essential trace elements to the water
Betta SPA Water Conditioner is a natural ingredient environmental conditioner that promotes the health and wellness of bettas. It is a mixture of wild almond leaf extract, Yucca extract, salt, and calcium in an easy-to-use measure and pour dispenser bottle. The almond leaf extract conditions the water to mimic natural environmental conditions for bettas and is also a source of humic acids and tannins known to benefit health. The Yucca extract helps reduce ammonia, allowing for safer fishkeeping in water without filtration or aeration. Additionally, Betta SPA contains calcium to activate muscles and develop healthy bones, teeth, and scales. We recommend Betta SPA for use with every water change.

*Betta SPA Water Conditioner does not remove chlorine, chloramines, or detoxify ammonia in tap water. It provides suitable water parameters for keeping bettas. To remove chlorine, chloramines, and toxins from tap water, use an appropriate tap water conditioner for aquariums.

Betta species.

Dispensing Instructions: Unscrew the lid of the measure and pour dispenser bottle. Squeeze the bottle to get liquid into the dispenser chamber. Pour into the tank. Dosing instructions: Fill the dispenser chamber to the 5 ml mark. Add 5 ml per 2 gallons (8 L) of water to promote wellness or 5 ml per 1 gallon (4 L) for conditioning (preparing for breeding). Betta SPA contains salt. Do not add salt to the water when using Betta SPA. Use with every water change. For tanks without filtration, do a 50% water change every week.
Wild almond leaves extract (Terminalia catappa), sodium chloride, calcium chloride, yucca extract, almond extract, preservatives.
Guaranteed Analysis

This product does not require nutritional analysis.

Item Numbers & Available Sizes

SKU# 88330 — 125 ml, Bottle