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Product Features

  • A unique formula specifically designed for Marine Angelfish.
  • Contains marine sponges, a primary component of their diet.
  • Sponges are combined with fresh seafood and marine algae to create a balanced diet that helps improve health, vitality, and coloration.
  • Contains stabilized Vitamin C and other immune boosters.
  • Formulated to maximize delivery of nutritional supplements.
Provides an excellent source of protein and oils for predator-type carnivorous (meat eating) fish. Freshly collected and fresh frozen in our flash-freezer.
All carnivorous fish including: Oscars, Jack Dempseys, Flower Horns, Knife Fish, Lion Fish, Groupers, Puffers, Triggers, Sharks, Moray Eels, etc…
Fish should be fed two to three times a day. Only feed the amount that your fish will consume in five minutes. Remove any uneaten food.
Silversides, water.
Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein (min.) — 13.5%
Crude Fat (min.) — 6.6%
Crude Fiber (max.) — 0.2%
Moisture (max.) — 77.5%
Ash (max.) — 1.9%
Phosphorus (min.) — 0.4%

Item Numbers & Available Sizes

SKU# 77114 — 4 oz (113 g), Flat Pack
SKU# 77118 — 8 oz (227 g), Flat Pack
SKU# 77116 — 16 oz (454 g), Flat Pack