Pygmy Angelfishes


General Information Most Hawkfishes are not commonly kept in the aquarium. For the few species that are, however, provide meaty frozen foods and plenty of perching places in the aquarium. Hawkfishes available to the hobby are usually considered “reef safe’ and do not harm sedentary invertebrates such as tube worms, corals, etc. Once settled in a marine aquarium they often accept flake and pelleted diets.
Aquarium Care & Feeding Pygmy Angelfishes are small in size, beautifully colored, rarely aggressive toward other fishes, safe to keep with most invertebrates and corals, eat nearly all varieties of commercial marine fish foods, and adjust well to aquarium conditions. This makes them ideal aquarium fishes. Potter’s Angelfish (photo above, left) is among the more difficult species of Pygmy Angelfishes to maintain in captivity and is suggested for hobbyists with well-established reef aquariums.
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