General Information

Groupers are among the least specialized families of fishes and as result many species of Groupers have vastly different physical features. They range in length from a few inches to over 12 feet, have wide mouths, bands of slender teeth in the jaws (often including canines), and an exposed maxilla (upper jaw). For information about smaller members of the Grouper family, please see the Anthiases and Basslets page. Most Groupers are colorful bottom-dwellers, sitting in caves or near protective ledges when they are not swimming slowly over the reef hunting smaller fishes and crustaceans. Most species in within this group are hermaphrodites and can change sex based on variations in social structure on the reef.
Aquarium Care & Feeding Many juvenile forms of this large family of predatory fishes have become aquarium favorites. In captivity, Groupers are hardy, fast-growing, and most species require larger marine predator aquariums. Smaller Groupers and juveniles will usually eat flakes and pelleted diets, while larger ones readily accept frozen squid, shrimp, krill, silversides, and other meaty foods.
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