Bettas & Gouramis


General Information Bettas (Fighting Fish), Gouramis, and Paradisefish are also known as Labyrinthfishes. This is because all species have a special organ called a “labyrinth chamber” which allows them to get oxygen from air breathed in from the surface. In fact, all of these fishes require access to atmospheric air in order to survive. Labyrinthfishes originate from Southeast Asia (including the Philippines) and Southern Africa. Because of their air breathing abilities, they are able to thrive in warm, slow-moving, oxygen-poor ponds and streams filled with lots of decaying plant material—environments that are hostile to most fishes. They have unusual reproductive behaviors that include flamboyant courtship displays, construction of bubble nests, and mouth brooding.

Aquarium Care & Feeding

These are very hardy fishes in captivity since they can be kept in relatively small aquaria and survive in less than ideal conditions. Many species are peaceful and do well in most freshwater community tanks (the exception being aggressive, territorial male Bettas). Bettas and Gouramis will accept flakes as well as size-appropriate pellets and frozen foods. Be sure to check out our exclusive line if Atison’s Betta products, including Betta Food, Betta SPA, and Betta SPA Botanic Water Conditioner!

We recommend the following Ocean Nutrition™ products for Bettas & Gouramis: