Anthiases, Basslets, & Dottybacks


General Information Anthiases, Basslets, & Dottybacks can be found on tropical reefs worldwide. They are usually very colorful, resemble their larger cousins, (the Groupers) in appearance, and often do not grow larger than a few inches. This makes most species excellent aquarium fish. Basslets and Dottybacks typically live in caves or sheltered areas of the reef and some species are observed alone or in pairs hanging upside down beneath ledges. Anthiases, on the other hand, can be found in massive schools above the crests of shallow reefs or along the ledges of deep-water reefs in much of the Indo-Pacific Region.
Aquarium Care & Feeding Most species are very hardy in well-maintained aquariums as long as they are provided with plenty of hiding spaces. These fishes are generally peaceful except when introduced to a tank with conspecifics (i.e., other Basslets or Dottybacks). Since Anthiases, Basslets, & Dottybacks naturally feed on planktonic crustaceans (various zooplankton) they thus require smaller foods. Most species are usually quick to accept prepared or frozen foods; however, some species of Anthiases are slightly more finicky when first accepting prepared or frozen foods.
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