“My betta was spitting out half of his food every feeding so I assumed he did not care for it. Ordered Ocean Nutrition Betta Pellets online and have given them for the past 3 feedings. He now almost dances when he sees the little blue lid come off the top. It has a scoop so as soon as he sees it moving to the top of his tank he waits right there almost twitching until I drop the few pellets into the water. He immediately eats them, one at a time, and does not spit any of the food out. Often he waits there after he finishes, wanting more (which sometimes he will get an extra pellet). If you have a betta that is a messy eater or often spits it out I\’d give this stuff a try. Thanks for offering a product he likes!”


Auburn, AL

“We are a local mom and pop pet store that focuses mostly on reptiles, but have recently acquired fish. Our customers want frozen foods and so do we! Thanks, Taylor”

Taylor Wells


“Betta Spa has done wonders for my fish. They are lively once again. They actively fight & show their beautiful tails! Thanks for such an awesome product!”

Aaron Hightower

United States

“I am using different ON food for my different tanks all my fishes are healthy and growing at a good rate, most important is mortality reduced substantially. Discus Pellet, cichlid range and vegi foods are excellent. My fishes respond to this foods very quickly. ”

Gourab Ghosh Dastidar

Kolkata, India

“I love your Ocean Nutrition Betta SPA product! I breed, raise, and sell bettas and I use Betta SPA once a month to condition our hard local tap water. I never have any sick fish and my bettas are happy and spawning!”


Rolling Hills, WY

“Your Seaweed Selects with garlic and Formula Two pellets are excellent foods for marine herbivores. I’ve used both of these products to feed tangs and rabbitfish in large exhibits and they helped to keep our fish healthy and happy! I especially like the way that the seaweed stimulates a natural feeding response in schools of tangs.”


Los Angeles, CA

“I have used and sold Ocean Nutrition foods in my store for the last 11 years and have been very happy with the quality and pricing. I sell a lot of the Formula One and Two marine flakes, cichlid vegi, goldfish, and community flakes. The frozen squid and cyclops are among my favorites. The squid pieces are bigger than many others so bigger fish can eat it without as much waste to effect water quality.”


Tropical Fish Haven, Corpus Christi, TX


Our success can be attributed to the hobbyists and home aquarists around the world that use our quality Ocean Nutrition™ products to keep their fish looking healthy and beautiful! For over 30 years, our company has developed innovative products for marine and freshwater hobbyists alike. To our customers, we thank you for your continued support and hope to remain your trusted source of quality nutrition.

Zoos, Aquariums, & Research Facilities

Ocean Nutrition‘s quality formulated diets and other products are used by professional aquarists, scientists, and animal husbandry experts at public zoos, aquariums, and research facilities across the United States:

Aquarium of the Bay

San Francisco, CA

Flamingo Casino

Las Vegas, NV

Georgia Aquarium

Atlanta, GA

Gladys Porter Zoo

Brownsville, TX

Mesker Park Zoo

Evansville, IN

MGM Bellagio

Las Vegas, NV

MGM Mandalay Bay

Las Vegas, NV

Minnesota Zoo

Apple Valley, MN

North Carolina Zoo

Asheboro, NC

Oklahoma City Zoo

Oklahoma City, OK

Rainforest Cafe

Nationwide (USA)

Ripley’s Aquarium

Myrtle Beach, SC

Sea Life Park

Waimanalo, HI

Sea World Parks


Tennessee Aquarium

Chattanooga, TN

Waikiki Aquarium

Honolulu, HI

Walt Disney World

Lake Buena Vista, FL


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