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Seaweed Clips

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Product Features
  • Feeding accessory that firmly holds dried seaweed in place underwater so fish can eat it
  • Waterproof with suction cup for in-tank feeding
  • For use with marine or freshwater fish
  • Perfect for vacation feeding
  • For use with all algae grazing fish, including tangs, rabbitfish, marine angelfish, wrasses, damsels, and more

Ocean Nutrition's Feeding Frenzy Feeding Accessories make feeding your fish easier, more efficient, and fun.

For fish that graze on seaweed (algae) to thrive in your aquarium, food needs to be readily available, allowing them to pick at it, little by little, over an extended period of time. Ocean Nutrition's Feeding Frenzy Seaweed Clips hold seaweed underwater. They have a long and strong gripping surface for securely holding seaweed and a suction cup that allows them to easily be attached to the inside surface of acrylic or glass aquariums. These clips are ideal for feeding the Seaweed Selects with Garlic Extract, a dried macroalga, from Ocean Nutrition.

Seaweed Selects™ products.

  2. Tear off a piece of seaweed approximately two inches by three inches, fold once or twice, and place the seaweed in the clip.
  3. Allow the fish to graze for up to 24 hours.  Reattach any large pieces of seaweed that break loose.  Remove any uneaten seaweed after 24 hours.
  4. SEAWEED SELECTS™ should be used daily as a supplement to other foods from OCEAN NUTRITION™.  We strongly recommend FORMULA FOODS™, frozen, flake or pellet, or Single Item frozen foods.